Saturday, August 13, 2011

GenCon, Sketches and Ceasar

YAY, another post! :D VERY image heavy just to warn you!

First off wanted to say GenCon was amazing. I met tons of nice people and fellow artists, and had a blast hosting my first art table. Here's a pic I snapped of it.

I later on added a line of sketches at the bottom to display as well.

This Mario and Black Mage sketch ended up getting sold, and I also drew a Luigi to display after Mario was gone. But he sold pretty quickly like his bro. :P Unfortunately I didn't mange to take a picture of the Luigi sketch, but I was pretty happy with it too.

Many people seemed to overall like the prints and sketches, and I was drawing almost endlessly the whole time. It was majority OCs and semi self portraits I drew for people, but there were a few fanarts thrown in as well. Here are a few of the fanart commissions I managed to capture before giving them to the clients. Let's see if you recognize them, lol.

And these are the some of the scanned fanart sketches I had on display.

I definitely plan to attend GenCon next year as well, it was a great experience.

Moving on, here's some life drawings I wanted to share. Gotta keep that game up!

And lastly, I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes recently, and I loved it! Ceasar was a pretty cool main character, so of course I had to show my appreciation by doing a fanart of him. :B

It's a weird mix of the cell shade and painterly style, but I suppose it came out okay.

That's all folks!



Kat R said...

This is all so awesome! I'm glad you did well at the con and had a blast there. Your table looks nice!

It's great to hear that you were busy pretty much the whole time. You're a popular lady face!

Love how the sketches look, they're so fun and energetic.

Mett said...

Excellent work from a pro! You are one of a kind.

Eva Dennis said...

Thank you Kat! :D Being a popular lady face was fun for a moment lol

Thanks so much, Dad! Your support is always appreciated, love you! :)