Thursday, March 31, 2011

MEGA Big Post of Art! :D

Hello there!

Got a little behind on my own deadlines I've been setting for myself, but still managed to get some stuff done.

Firstly here's some sketches of some characters from a story that's forever WIP. -_- Even the title/font is still rough, but I wanted something a little more official looking than just plan text.

Anywho, just trying to get some character layout practice, since I still feel a little weak at that.

Some more side characters from the same story. I plan to do more along with these.

I really love working with this cel shade style! It fits my characters very well, me thinks. :B

More animal gods from the same story (lol). I had LOADS of fun working on these, especially the lizard. :)

And now a random sequential! This was really just practice to get used to the process, using my animal characters as guinea pigs. XD . I'm probably going to do a few more random ones with other characters, just to practice layout and such. Either way, I'm quite happy with how this came out.

Yay for kicks in da FACE!

Lastly, here's some stuff that's kinda finished, kinda not. I think doing cel shade for actual illustrations is harder than just characters (or maybe that's just me.) It's tricky for me to make them look "finished" and not flat. Bleh, but I'm determined!

So these will be posted up when I feel they're ready-- who knows when that'll be. :P

Oh wait! And VERY LASTLY, I touched this image up again. (mainly the hand because it was pretty hideous before. )

Which can also be seen at my new DeviantArt page:

So check it out there!

Okay I think I'm done now, peace! :D