Monday, August 13, 2012

Long Time, No See

OH. MY. GOD!!!

It's been forever. Ten months to be exact. It has been NONSTOP this year, what with moving, getting a new job,  freelance projects,  etc. Free time seems to rarely exist for me now, causing my personal projects to constantly be put on the back burner. Even now things are crazy, but I still managed to make time for convention preparation. (Sleep being the main sacrifice.) GenCon Indy's this week, and I'm ready for it.

I'll be selling prints again, 13 x 19 in as well as some 8.5 x 11in. I'm also going to be selling mini $5 Sketchbooks for the first time. I'll see how well that goes this year. If they sell successfully then I'll try to make this a regular thing for conventions. Either way, it gets me sketching again, so that's always good.
Some samples from the book:

I have two new original prints I'll be selling, I wanted this to be a larger number but alas time escaped me. No new fan art prints this year. I've learned from the last con original prints seemed to gather more interest than the fanart ones, so I didn't bother with it again. Here are the original prints:

And here's the ones I wanted to sell but felt too rushed and/or unfinished. (maybe next con!)

Oh yes, I should mention I also attended Wondercon earlier this year in March. I never made any post about it because, one it was in the middle of my moving/getting a new job, and two, there was nothing new to really post. A lot of the stuff I sold was from last year, and a lot (if not all ) the new original pieces you're seeing were actually meant for Wondercon. I'll confess my heart wasn't really there since I didn't feel properly prepared, and I was too disappointed in myself for not meeting my own deadlines. If I had known my free time wouldn't be as available as it once was, I honestly wouldn't have gone. However I did meet some nice artists who sat beside me. Ethan Nicolle who is the creator of Axe Cop and Paul Horn, the creator of Cool Jerk. Very nice tablemates, and Paul was even kind enough to give a free Cool Jerk comic. Very hilarious stuff! :) Sitting next to them got me thinking a bit of my own possible webcomic. Gotta finish a story first, lol.

Alright enough whining, here's some more art!

Some of the freelance Projects I worked on:

Done for one of my friend's who's getting married soon. :)

Some commissions from Wondercon I managed to snapshot:

One of the few things I finished for Wondercon. Yay for original characters.

There we go. I really hope my next update won't be close to a year later. I think I'll need to learn to say no to some projects, not to mention manage my time better than I have. I wish I can do it all, but I've learned a hard lesson that time is very much limited.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Characters, Characters, AND Characters!

Hello all! This will be a massive post, so fair warning for loads of images ahead!

I'll start with these turnarounds. If you remember a while back I posted these before, but here I "updated" them a bit. (AKA: made the lines less horrendous)

These turnarounds aren't for anything in particular, just good old fashioned practice for myself.

These guys are new. Wanted to add some creatures to the mix. :)

I think I posted these guys before too, but once again the lines that were once jacked up are now presentable. These characters are also my practice pals, and I plan to cel shade these in the near future.

Now for some characters I actually care about! Well, at least I'll keep saying that until I get the story finalized.

Anywho, here's an old turnaround that was sitting on my computer far too long. I never posted it online because it sucked pretty bad, but I decided to redo it since I was already in a 'turnaround' mood.

Found some sketches I did of my characters in a more simplified form. Thought it be fun to line art, so I went ahead and did it. (As you may notice, I'm trying to up my digital line art game.) Also plan to cel shade these too, should be fun.

A more detailed version of the other three main characters. Still a WIP, and plan to color these just like I did the first three.

That's all for now! :P

Saturday, August 13, 2011

GenCon, Sketches and Ceasar

YAY, another post! :D VERY image heavy just to warn you!

First off wanted to say GenCon was amazing. I met tons of nice people and fellow artists, and had a blast hosting my first art table. Here's a pic I snapped of it.

I later on added a line of sketches at the bottom to display as well.

This Mario and Black Mage sketch ended up getting sold, and I also drew a Luigi to display after Mario was gone. But he sold pretty quickly like his bro. :P Unfortunately I didn't mange to take a picture of the Luigi sketch, but I was pretty happy with it too.

Many people seemed to overall like the prints and sketches, and I was drawing almost endlessly the whole time. It was majority OCs and semi self portraits I drew for people, but there were a few fanarts thrown in as well. Here are a few of the fanart commissions I managed to capture before giving them to the clients. Let's see if you recognize them, lol.

And these are the some of the scanned fanart sketches I had on display.

I definitely plan to attend GenCon next year as well, it was a great experience.

Moving on, here's some life drawings I wanted to share. Gotta keep that game up!

And lastly, I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes recently, and I loved it! Ceasar was a pretty cool main character, so of course I had to show my appreciation by doing a fanart of him. :B

It's a weird mix of the cell shade and painterly style, but I suppose it came out okay.

That's all folks!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Pre Gen Con Post!

Holy cow! Feels like its been ages since I last uploaded. :O But don't worry, this post is going to be MASSIVE.

I'm leaving for Gen Con Indy 2011 (a video game convention) in two days, and there I'm going to be in the Artist Alley! It's my first time at the alley, so I've been preparing madly for it. In only two weeks prior to today I managed to complete seven new pieces. Four fanarts and three new originals. I'm probably more blind than I already was gazing at Photoshop like a possessed artistic zombie. Curse you procrastination!

Anywho, I'm very excited about the con, and I hope to make somewhat of an impression. We shall see...

Here are the new pieces I worked on, as well as the prints I'm going to sell. These will all be printed on 13" x 19" in both semi gloss and matte.



Harry Potter: Yeah, it' not a video game...but I felt like doing a pic, especially since the last movie was just released.

Jazz Jackrabbit: One of my most favorite PC platformer games from my childhood. I hardly see any fanart for it, so I decided to give it a try. I'm curious how many people will recognize it at the con.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Those who know me, already know I love Sonic. Simply had to do it.

Angry Birds: Oh man, this was a last minute addition. I suddenly thought to myself (while playing Angry Birds lol) why didn't I make a print of this already? It's clearly one of the most popular and enjoyable games made in recent times. It might be a good idea to make one.

Durr. :B

And finally some older pics I did about a month ago, but for some reason didnt upload here. My bad. :P These are simply old characters of mine and my sis we created years ago. Just wanted to draw them again for nostalgic purposes, and to also try and enhance my digital line art and cel shade skills.

And that's all for now, hope you enjoy!