Saturday, November 12, 2011

Characters, Characters, AND Characters!

Hello all! This will be a massive post, so fair warning for loads of images ahead!

I'll start with these turnarounds. If you remember a while back I posted these before, but here I "updated" them a bit. (AKA: made the lines less horrendous)

These turnarounds aren't for anything in particular, just good old fashioned practice for myself.

These guys are new. Wanted to add some creatures to the mix. :)

I think I posted these guys before too, but once again the lines that were once jacked up are now presentable. These characters are also my practice pals, and I plan to cel shade these in the near future.

Now for some characters I actually care about! Well, at least I'll keep saying that until I get the story finalized.

Anywho, here's an old turnaround that was sitting on my computer far too long. I never posted it online because it sucked pretty bad, but I decided to redo it since I was already in a 'turnaround' mood.

Found some sketches I did of my characters in a more simplified form. Thought it be fun to line art, so I went ahead and did it. (As you may notice, I'm trying to up my digital line art game.) Also plan to cel shade these too, should be fun.

A more detailed version of the other three main characters. Still a WIP, and plan to color these just like I did the first three.

That's all for now! :P