Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art Mode GO!

Hello guys, long time no see! :D

A lot of the sketches were done late last year, and due to my lack of scanner, it's been tricky to show more recent stuff. -_- But for now these will do.

The majority of the colored stuff is fresh off the press however. Hope you guys like! ;)

Lately, I've been falling in love with the cell shade style. Somehow I feel like this style suits my characters better. Still getting used to it, but I would like to get as comfortable with it as I am with the painterly style.

Some practice pics.

Sketches from late last year.

Some old characters that I finally think I got right.

Two animal gods from the same story as the characters above. A story I doubt I'll finish. -_-

I'm inspired by nostalgia. These are incredibly old characters of mine that I wanted to see in cell shade form. I'm personally happy with the final result.

More to come soon! :)